Lucila Wynen

As the Director of People & Culture of Philip Morris International for the CARICAM Cluster (Central America, Dominican Republic & Caribbean) Lucila Wynen does more than just the average Human Resources. With more than 15 years of experience Lula is passionate and committed to the transformation of PMI, where she has focused on building a strong, talented, diverse and engaged CARICAM team capable of delivering business success for the future.

As part of PMI’s internal transformation, Lula ensures that PMI’s consumers are front-and-center in all strategic decisions, and that all plans are executed with consumers as the most important priority.

Lula joined PMI in 2009 in as Leader for Develop & Counsel where her previous experience from Accenture was instrumental. For the past 10 years she has held several leadership roles for the Latin America Region, where she has helped build the Talent Acquisition, Organizational Development and Diversity & Inclusion practices for the region.

In everything she does, Lula makes sure all employees feel that their individuality counts, and that it is precisely their diversity that makes us stronger and more successful.

Lula's agile leadership, collaborative approach, and passion in actively driving team growth are the fitting attributes for her continued success. She was born in Argentina and today lives in Costa Rica with her husband Pablo and daughters Sofia and Julieta. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Education Psychology a posdegree in Business Educational Psychology at Universidad Catolica Argentina and a posdegree in Strategic Human Resources from Universidad del San Andres.

In Philip Morris International (PMI) we are dedicated to replacing cigarettes with smoke-free products, to create a smoke-free future. It is the biggest shift in the history of PMI and the industry. It is the right one for our consumers, our company, our shareholders, and society.